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TMU - TestMate Monitoring Unit

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De TestMate® Monitorinig Unit, TMU combineert de voordelen van de de Schroeder TestMate® deeltjesteller (TCM) en de Schroeder TestMate® Watersensor (TWS) in een degelijke industriële koffer

TMU - TestMate Monitoring Unit

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The TestMate® Monitoring Unit TMU series by Schroeder Industries combines the advantages of the portable contamination measurement units with the measurement technology of the Testmate® Contamination Monitor (TCM) and  TWS (Testmate® Water Sensor ).
The TMU is a portable service unit and is designed for temporary measurement of solid particle contamination and water saturation in hydraulic systems.
The integrated pump and the hoses with test point connections, which are included with the TMU, allow operation on reservoirs, control circuits, and high pressure circuits.


  • Particulate contamination is detected with an optical measurement cell
  • Automatic measurement and display of cleanliness ratings as ISO 4406:1999; SAE AS 4059, and NAS 1638
  • Measurement Accuracy +/-1/2 ISO code
  • Supply voltage 24 VDC
  • Integrated pump for automatic control of oil flow
  • Viscosity range: 46 to 1622 SUS (10 to 350 cSt)
  • Pressure stable up to 5000 psi (350 bar) max
  • Water saturation (10 - 100%)