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TI250 Bargraph Indicator

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€ 150,00

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- 30-dot vertical bargraph
- 3-digit bright LED display
- universal linear input
- up to 2 alarm relays

TI250 Bargraph Indicator

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€ 150,00


Programmable Bargraph Display TI250 ♦ Tri-color fully programmable 30-dot LED bargraph ♦ 3-digit bright LED indication ♦ Universal linear input ♦ Up to 2 alarm relays available with pulsed output ♦ 48x96 mm DIN-sized front panel ♦ Moving dot / bar programmable modes ♦ Custom-design bargraph and scale available TI250 is a versatile and non-expensive combination of TI08 programmable process indicator in 48x96mm DIN case and a fully programmable Tri-color LED bargraph. It is designed for wide range of display applications with/without relay alarm. Equipped with a bright 3-digit LED display, this model is suitable for measuring and controlling various technological values from -199 to 999 with programmable resolution. The device may be also equipped with up to 2 programmable relays providing ON/OFF control/alarm with or without pulse mode. TI250 bargraph display allows user programming of every LED dot color, dot/bar display mode as well as customized scale. Like TI08 the unit accepts various linear input voltage or current signals. Display limits, decimal point position, measurement offset value as well as many other parameters are fully programmable. Thanks to its rich display features and excellent price-to-performance ratio, TI250 can be a very useful and widely applicable device. Download Datasheet