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TI08-R Indicator

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€ 92,00

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♦ universal linear input
♦ provides 12...30 VDC supply for transmitter
♦ up to 2 relay outputs
♦ in-socket mounting

TI 08 R Indicator

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€ 92,00


♦ Low cost ♦ 11-pin box for DIN-rail mounting ♦ 3-digit bright LED indication ♦ Universal linear input ♦ Up to 2 alarm relays available with pulsed output ♦ Auxiliary output for powering external transmitters ♦ Fully programmable parameters TI08-R is a cheap programmable process indicator for DIN-rail mounting designed for trip-alarm applications. Equipped with a bright 3-digit LED display, this model is especially suitable for measuring and controlling various technological values from -199 to 999 with resolution of up to 1000 points. The device can have up to 2 programmable relays providing on/off control/alarm with or without pulse mode. TI08-R accepts various linear input voltage or current signals from 2- and 3-wire transmitters that can be powered internally via the auxiliary power supply output. The display-to-input correspondence, decimal point position, measurement offset value as well as many other parameters are fully programmable. Thanks to its excellent price-to-performance ratio, TI08-R is an exceptionally widely applicable device. Download Datasheet TI08-R