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Thermometer MS -35~420

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Thermometer MS Plus Universele contactloze infrarood thermometer met laseruitlijning

Temperatuurbereik: -35°~420°C

Thermometer MS -35~420

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thermoMETER MS Intelligent universal infrared thermometer MS MiniSight -32 to 420°C Single laser allignment Set emmission value 0.95 MAX, MIN en HOLD function MS Series The MS series offers the most economic IR hand held device. With three different models, it provides the best performance / price ratio for your individual application. With a digital interface data logging and analysis are made really easy. Measuring range from -32° to + 420°C The new performance standard with spot sizes as small as 1mm Laser aiming aid Optical resolution 40:1 Response time 300ms USB interface and graphic software with oscilloscope function High and low limits