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TC660 Indicator

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€ 242,00

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♦ 32 mm LED display
♦ universal input
♦ up to 2 alarm relays
♦ isolated analog output
♦ isolated RS485 interface

TC 660 Indicator

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€ 242,00


♦ 20 mm or 32 mm digit height ♦ Universal programmable input ♦ 2 programmable alarm outputs ♦ Programmable digital filter ♦ Calibration and self-calibration ♦ Isolated current output ♦ RS485 serial interface available TC660 is a multifunctional programmable process indicator with a 4-digit, 20 mm or 32 mm programmable display that provides excellent visibility in many applications. The device has a universal input for the most common thermoresistances, thermocouples, and linear signals. The input has a built-in automatic software compensation of line resistance and cold junction temperature as well as automatic software compensation of temperature drift, and can be calibrated manually. A programmable input filter and various options for access restriction are available. TC660 can also have up to 2 programmable alarm outputs (2 relays or 1 relay and 1 analog output) and can be equipped with an isolated RS485 serial interface. Download Datasheet TC660