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TC66 Bargraph Indicator

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€ 208,00

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♦ 50-dot 240° arc bargraph
♦ 4-digit LED display
♦ isolated fixed linear input

TC66 Bargraph Indicator

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€ 208,00


♦ Low-cost ♦ 4-digit LED display plus 50-dot bargraph ♦ Various input signals ♦ Well protected from electromagnetic disturbances ♦ Moving dot / bar modes available ♦ Auxiliary input for display brightness control ♦ Custom-design bargraph and scale available In addition to the digital display, showing the exact value of the measured variable, the TC66 process indicator is equipped with a LED bargraph, indicating the input value as a percentage of the input range and thereby presenting more convenient 'analog' reading. Two variants of the indicator are available: one with a linear, horizontal bargraph ('D') and one with a bargraph in the shape of a 240-degree arc, which provides a visualization resembling that of a traditional pointer-and-dial gauge ('B'). Moving dot and moving bar modes of the bargraph display as well as custom bargraph design are available. Both TC66 variants feature a customized front-panel tag denoting the range and the measurement unit of the monitored physical quantity. The indicator may also be equipped with an auxiliary DC input for display brightness control. The low-priced, low-maintenance TC66 is widely applicable in boat building, power plants, and other industrial areas.