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Sampling Valves

KP Pushbutton KST Series L High Flow B Series
IMG L High Flow Coolant IMG LE High Flow Mobile Drives IMG LP Pushbutton  


Sampling Tubes

LT High Flow 1/4" Tube LT High Flow 5/16" Tube LTJ High Flow JIC Swivel Tube BT Sampling Tube


Ways to Add a Sampling Valve

To a Standard Tee Fitting To a Hose Fitting To a Stainless Pipe To a Port Bushing/Adapter
At a Distance (Hose - Gearboxes) At a Distance (Hose - Engines) At a Distance (Nylon Tubing - Gearboxes) To a Pressurized Steel Tube or Pipe
To an Unpressurized Steel Tube or Pipe To a Flange    


Fluid Management

Sight Level AB Breather Mount AD Drain Mount  


Sampling Accessories

Bottles & Mailers Demonstration Kits Identification Plastic Tubing
Tools Vacuum Pump    
Vacuum Oliemonstername Pomp